How to do wine tasting right

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How to do wine tasting right

The average tourist in Cape Town is spoilt for choice on what to do during their visit to the Mother City. A firm favourite is, and has always been, exploring the winelands.The only thing that catches people off guard is the actual wine tasting experience. Many think they have to be an expert but this is untrue. In fact, venturing out for a day of wine tasting is the only way to learn about the different types and methods of creation. You’ll soon find your preference and learn about pairing the different bouquets with different foods.

If this sounds like something you’d be keen to indulge in then here’s what you need to know before embarking on your day out into the Cape’s vineyards.

If you want to tour the winery then book your spot

Many wineries are happy to serve walk in customers and most are open all day, everyday, but some can get quite busy. Those that have specific opening and closing times are a bit more strict about their reservations policy. Making a reservation is your best bet and certainly necessary if you hope to tour the winery with a group of people. And, if you want to enjoy some wine tasting for a special occasion and require a private tasting, then you’ll definitely need to book ahead of time so that they’re able to make reservations.

Wine tasting is not a day out in the bushveld, dress appropriately

Wineries expect their patrons to conform to their standards. This means you cannot pitch up for a day of wine tasting in your flip flops and tracksuit pants. You need to wear comfortable but sophisticated clothing. However, these wineries are situated on farms and you can expect a fair amount of dust, sand, stones, hay and grass. Your shoes must be comfortable. If you’re a woman then stay away from high heels that’ll sink into the sand. Choose ladies shoes that are either a wedge or a classic flat. Guys, you should wear closed toe shoes that can handle getting a bit dirty.

A day out at the wineries is not like a night in the pub

The wineries are serious about the wine tasting experience. They won’t tolerate loud, rude or raucous behaviour from any guests no matter how the alcohol might be affecting them. The environment is often quiet, sometimes there’s soft music playing in the background but they keep it all very quiet so that questions may be asked and answered easily with no disruption. This is a place of exploring and learning about wine and how it should be enjoyed. It’s not a pub crawl.

Don’t drown yourself in your fancy perfume for this fancy experience

In fact, it’s best not to wear perfume at all when going wine tasting. The smells will affect the experience for you, your friends and even other patrons who are there for the tasting. You want to be able to smell the subtle aromas of the different wines. When they tell you to sniff out the peach in your glass of blush, you don’t want to be overwhelmed by the jasmine in the Dior on your neck.

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