Some of the best ways to unwind in the Mother City

Mother City - Cape TownMother City - Cape Town
Mother City - Cape TownMother City - Cape Town


Some of the best ways to unwind in the Mother City

Everyone needs a break at some point of the month, week or day. And if you’re living in the Mother City, you can count yourself lucky. Cape Town is full of beauty and unwinding escapes that can help you relax after a hectic day.

Cape Town has mountains, the ocean, valleys, gardens, farms and cities where people can escape to according to their personal preferences. Make the most of living in the Mother City and allow it to help you unwind as much as it sometimes stresses you out.


Go for a hike

Have you seen our mountains? Do you know how many hills there are in the valleys of Durbanville? You don't need to call it a hike so much as a leisurely stroll up a slight incline that will show you some of the city’s most beautiful angles.

Lion’s Head is relatively easy and Meerendal Hill is a perfect way to spend your Saturday morning. Put on your takkies and walk. There are so many unique and breathtaking views within Cape Town’s borders, and when your mind is feeling overwhelmed you only need to catch a glimpse of one of those views to completely lose all train of thought.


Cycle on the promenade

If you have a Giant bicycle at home, or any bicycle for that matter, you should make your way down to the Seapoint Promenade. You might not think of it an ideal spot to unwind when there are so many people already doing their thing, but it really does help.

You can walk, run or cycle along the promenade and, just to keep you interested, there are various parks, outdoor gyms and sculptures to keep you interested along the way. Of course, if you just turn your head to the other side of the path, you have the big blue, wave-crashing, ocean moving along with you.

There is a cycling vendor at the top of the promenade from whom you can rent a bicycle for an hour at a time. When you’ve done it once, you’ll be coming back regularly. But you can save yourself the money by considering the bicycles for sale, buying one for yourself and bringing it along with you. You also won’t have to rush back so as not to be charged extra by the vendors.

Spend a day in the gardens

If you’re someone who considers unwinding to include absolute minimal physical activity, then you might want to spend a day at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Some people simply need a place to stroll to listen to the birds, smell the flowers and view the shadow of a mountain and the shade of the trees with a picnic blanket and basket to help them relax.

Kirstenbosch is all of that and more. Take a book with you, find a spot with just the right amount of sun and not too many other people around and just be. It’s a quiet place where you’ll find rivers, streams, forest trees, gardens and a canopy tree-top environment. You can get lost without technically being lost in these 528 hectares of conserved land. Now that’s an idyllic way to escape and relax away from home, work and general life stress.


Wander through the museums

If your mind only needs to be distracted in order to unwind, then you might want to consider wandering through one (or all) of the many museums this city has to offer. Take your time to view history, photography and traditional and contemporary artworks. Focus on the displays and descriptions instead of whatever it is that led you to need a timeout.

Many of the national museum admissions are free but, if you want to experience something truly amazing, you should pay the R180 for entrance to the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art. If you plan to your visit on a Wednesday, the admission is free for South African citizens, as well as on the Freedom Day, International Museum Day, Africa Day and Heritage Day public holidays.


Make something with your hands

Another way to unwind that really helps most people is to be creative. In Hout Bay in Cape Town, there’s a little cafè called the Clay Cafè. Here you can pick out a clay bisque, choose three colours, different paint brushes and other art utensils and paint something. You have a good few hours to paint, eat, drink and enjoy the surrounding mountain views.

There might be kids running around, but as soon as you dip your paintbrush into the little tub of paint, all you’re focussed on is that mug, plate or minion you’re painting. Getting creative is a great way to relax and unwind the mind. Well, being in Cape Town, in general, is a great way for anyone to unwind.

Mother City - Cape Town