How to adjust when moving to the hustle and bustle of the Mother City

Mother City - Cape TownMother City - Cape Town
Mother City - Cape TownMother City - Cape Town


How to adjust when moving to the hustle and bustle of the Mother City

There’s something uniquely special about the hustle and bustle of the Mother City. It’s not necessarily the busy, rushed, rat-race kind of hustle and bustle that you will likely find in many of South Africa’s other big cities. There is definitely a relaxed atmosphere to central Cape Town, no one can dispute that. However, everyone and everything seems to be constantly moving and nothing ever feels stagnant in the Mother City. It’s a creative hub that is filled with exciting adventures, diverse career opportunities and a nightlife that cannot be rivalled.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder so many people want to move to Cape Town. However, whether you’re moving from a small town in the Eastern Cape or the suburbs, you’ll likely need to adjust to the hustle and bustle of the Mother City in order to truly enjoy it. And here is exactly how to do that.


Be ready to compromise on space

In any big city, you are going to need to compromise on space, and this is especially true in Cape Town. The closer you want to be to the beating heart of the Mother City, the more you are going to have to pay for a place which is likely smaller than what you are used to. Finding the “perfect accommodation” is a dream many Capetonians have learned to let go of. As long as you want to be right in the centre of it all, you’re going to have to compromise on space. So, don’t be shocked when you see your first lease agreement contract, nobody is trying to fool you, that’s the price of living in the city. However, it is completely worth it in the end.

So, how do you adjust to the smaller space? Well, you make some adjustments to your personal style. Now is the time to make use of strategic storage. Containers under the bed are great if you don’t have much closet space (or any, for that matter) and high shelving is the perfect replacement for a bookshelf. Don’t worry, you will figure this out and soon after you sign what feels like the most expensive lease agreement template in South Africa, you will be happy that you did.


Consider the advantages of having housemates

If you want to lessen the impact on your wallet when it comes to the number on that lease agreement template, consider housemates. It might not seem ideal at first, especially if you’re at a stage in your life when you just want to be independent and have your own space. However, it could make a big difference to your lifestyle and your bank account.

And adjusting to having housemates isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first. You just need to think of the positives. For example, you likely don’t yet know anybody in the city and having housemates means you at least know some people who can show you around and even introduce you to their circle of friends.


Grab onto friends wherever you can

As previously mentioned, you need to find friends when you arrive in the city and this can be difficult. Big cities are not the friendliest of places when you’re still trying to find your feet. Your first option is at work. Make friends with your colleagues. Go ahead and be overeager by inviting your coworkers out for drinks. They’re probably not going to say no. And if they do, oh well, you live in the big city now, things like that don’t matter.


Don’t be afraid to venture out on your own

If you don’t have plans over the weekend, do not sit at home alone feeling sorry for yourself because you didn’t receive any invites. Instead, brave the city on your own. There are plenty of activities to enjoy and sights to see. You won’t get bored being on your own. And who knows, you might even meet some interesting people along the way. Nobody is going to judge you for liking your own company in the Mother City.


And, finally, remember there is life outside the city

This one is important. In order to fully adjust to the city, you have to remember that it does not exist in isolation. You can always get out and explore the wider area of the Western Cape once in a while. You do not want to be one of those people who don’t realise that there is a whole world out there that exists a little farther away from The Mountain.

Mother City - Cape Town