Karoo National Park

Karoo National Park, SANParks, National Park, SANParks, National Park, SANParks,
Karoo National Park, SANParks, National Park, SANParks, National Park, SANParks,

Karoo National Park as part of the South African National Parks

The Karoo National Park is located on the N1 National Road between Cape Town and Johannesburg, approximately 6kms from the main gate, to the town of Beaufort West.  A sprawling Park at 75 000 hectares of open space, majestic dolerite cliffs and sheer tranquillity.

The Park is home to five species of tortoise, a wide variety of indigenous buck, mountain zebra, and wild ostrich not to mention the mammal and other game species.  The bird life at the Karoo National Park is abundant and with a well-positioned bird hide, sightings are many. 

The steep natural gradients and different altitudes within the Park produce a complex environment which provides many niches for animal and plant species.  The Great Karoo has the richest diversity of desert flora in the world, and the largest variety of succulents found anywhere on earth.  The Bossie Trail field guide gives visitors a chance to learn more about these amazing succulents and the trail itself allows an up close and personal view of them.

Some fun-facts about the Karoo National Park :

  • The endangered star tree, Cliffortia Arborea, which is on the red data list is found within the Park
  • The 4x4 trail in the Park was the first of its kind in SANParks
  • The Park is host to twenty-two breeding pairs of Black Eagle – the highest concentration in the country
  • A small rock snail, Prestonella nuptialis, which was last found early in the previous century, was found again in the Karoo National Park
  • Beaufort West (town nearest to the park) holds the wind speed record in South Africa at 180 km/h
  • The Park is situated on a world renowned and accessible fossil site


The annual rainfall in the area ranges from 100 – 500mm, however averages at 200mm.  The Park falls more in the summer rainfall area and mostly in the form of thunderstorms or cold fronts from the Cape.  The winters are frosty and chilly where temperatures drop below 0 degrees, and snow is visible on the peaks of the Nuweveld Mountains.  Summers are hot with temperatures rising up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Gate and Office Times

Gate hours :

05h00 – 22h00  :  Arrivals after 22h00 are not permitted without prior arrangement.

Office hours  :

Administration – Mondays to Fridays 07h30 to 16h00.

Reception – Daily from 07h00 to 19h00.

Visitors with reserved accommodation who will arrive after 19h00 must make prior arrangements to collect the keys to their accommodation at the entrance gate.

The Karoo National Park welcomes and encourages day visitors, with a beautiful swimming pool set within nature and excellent braai facilities, it is the perfect location for an excellent day out.

Karoo National Park, SANParks, National Park, SANParks,